Design Branding

Some have a very clear idea of a logo where others have none?

A logo is something that you want people to identify with you so this can be confusing or easy depending on the person. This is where connections with graphic designers and artistic types can come to solve or generate your ideas into reality. Sometimes sourcing these things can be expensive without knowing how it’s achieved or what is involved.

With building websites and working with other fields such as graphic designers, often we can get these resources at a reduced rate. With new businesses and ideas developing every day and networking to obtain special requests for new clients a rapport is developed and everyone benefits. 

Choice of colours and images can invoke different reactions with individuals just like some feel tattoos are art and others relate them to undesirable personalities. It’s well documented that certain colours can affect people’s moods such as Yellow tends to be associated with happy and Black is depressing. Creating a logo is just as important as creating an eye catching website. It identifies you and your product.

It’s not just about getting the right logo.

Branding is also about getting your profile known so you can attract your clients and grow as a business. Things like using social media to move and promote your business or product. Word of mouth recommendations and reviews from previous customers. Planting seeds that will increase your presence like advertising and even better using free media platforms like your social media applications. Also see social media >

Develop a strong customer base.

The best kind of promoting is a referral. By taking care of your customers and supplying good products and services you will eventually build a strong reputation that will ensure continued success. Most successful business have been build mostly on word of mouth. Ask yourself would you recommend a bad business?