What Do you Need To Know

Before engaging a Web Designer/Developer know whats involved.

What Should You Be Asking?

Will I have control of my site on completion?

The First and the most important question you should ask. Some Developers will not give you access to your own site hence, any changes that need to be made will then be completed on their schedule at your expense. need to be done at a charge by the developer of your site.

From very small changes such as updating a new telephone number can vary considerably in price between each developer. Therefore these simple changes can be done by you if you are shown how. Hence, this is just one way to save.

It’s very important to be very clear on how much control you have on your business website especially as you grow or time passes. Furthermore, it’s vital to remain competitive and up to date with your site. If you decide to change providers in the future when you don’t have control of your own site you risk losing all the information as a result. Consequently, this could result in downtime until it can be reproduced with your new developer.

What do I to do to get started?

Building a website can be very simple or complex. The first things you will need to consider is how you want to present your business. First of all, and more importantly this is the first impression your customers will have. 

So for that reason consider the below list.

1. Find a few example sites, that look like what you’re expecting your developer to produce.
2. It can be put together with images in the form of a word document that explains your business. Either or as well as an email correspondingly explaining your products, goals, mottos or any other relevant information
3. Have your images ready or in the process of obtaining
4. Above all get some comparison prices from a couple of Web Designer/Developers
5. Then the next steps will depend on your individual needs for your site. See additional questions and answers.

How much to make changes?

Developers will charge by the hour so be clear on the hourly rate and ask how long it will take to make changes that you could foresee.

For example things like changes of staff, if you have a sales representative that leaves the company. Deleting and or adding a new member on your website so your customers/clients can deal with the appropriate person.

Relocation of your business. Consider when your business has to move to new premises you want your customers to find you so keeping your location up to date is vital. As well as having a map so customers can locate you easily.

Inflation or expansion of your business with an online store will require each product to be amended. As a result, this will be an additional expense that can be avoided. Simply put each product that needs to be added and or changed, removed or sales price updated are required. 

Together with training, these simple changes can be done by yourself or your representative if instructed correctly saving you additional expense.

Do I need security for my website?

The correct answer is YES. Believe it or not, there are people that will try to gain access to your website. The reasons can vary depending on your site from malicious intent to ransom to return your site to your control. Consequently, the collection of data to sell can be very profitable to the wrong people so I recommend you secure your website.

What security settings will be included in my site

Most importantly you need to ask “will my website be protected from intruders or Hackers?”

How will my database of clients be secured?

Will intruders be able to access client payments details?

It’s so vital to know just how your virtual products will be secured?

Do I need to buy security software/plugins?

Plugins are software that has been written to perform a role such as securing your site.

Is your site secure?

You will notice on your search engine that in the address bar it will either have a padlock or another symbol on the left beside the website address. You want a green padlock so you know you’re on a secure site. Red padlocks or other symbols are for your safety to notify you, the site may not be secure.

What do you need to secure your website? There are lots of plugins available that will protect your site, intellectual data and protect from malicious intruders or hackers. There are some good free plugins as well as those that will cost and vary in price. Equally important be sure to research the plugins for costing.

You can also hide your login to access the dashboard of your site. The dashboard is where you control the settings of your website. Think of it as a directory for the components that come together to construct your site.  A default is set with your website as wp-admin and if not hidden computers and or individuals can try and guess your username and password to access your website. There is a free plugin you can use to hide your log-in page. I use WPS Hide Login which is a free plugin on all my sites. Just like having a camera installed to protect your home this will protect your website if used correctly.

What about the maintenance of my site?

When would you need to do maintenance or how often? of course every site is uniquely constructed not only security settings but also plugins will need updating.

Certain aspects of your website will need to be monitored and updated accordingly such as security setting and plugins. Is it necessary to do this? Yes

Is there a way to have updates done automatically? Yes As a matter of fact sometimes the updates can interfere with the website so you may need to contact a developer at a later date to rectify any issue caused by the updates. Similarly, like windows and other software updates, there could be bugs in the updates that need fixing.

So do you need to pay someone to maintain your website? This will depend of course on the type of website you have so check with your developer and get additional advice from other developers.

Do I need to pay for plugins to make my site work?

Sometimes yes, you will need to pay for plugins. By the same token sometimes you may need to pay monthly fees for plugins to keep them operational. There are however lots that are for free. In addition, some free ones can be purchased for additional features depending on your needs. I suggest doing research on the plugins that your developer is recommending. Get advice from more than one developer. Watch YouTube tutorials and google for reviews on the plugins.

How much will Hosting cost me?

Like most things, it can vary from one service to another. This is a tricky one as every website is unique and all require different amounts of data. Pricing can start as low as $7 a month depending on how much data you need. To keep up with the modern websites and presence on the internet these days we tend to use more visual platforms. Not only does this look more professional it keeps the visitor’s attention. The more graphics needed the more data requirements. 

Not all website Designer/Developers will host your website so you may need to obtain hosting as an additional cost or they may recommend a service. Make sure your aware of the cost involved as these can be additional costs you have not accounted for. Some even have contracts of hosting which tie you up for 12 months or more.

Remember to ask ‘How much is my Hosting per month”

Do I need to register a Domain for my website?

Yes and No.

Anyone can register your own domain. You can let your developer or host provider register one for you as well. Personally, I would recommend you speak to existing clients of the person you wish to act on your behalf. WHY? you ask

As a Developer/Hosting provider myself when I have had clients transfer their sites to my services often they have been set up by multiple sources.

The Domain was registered by someone on their behalf and they have no official rights to transfer their own site.

Not to mention they don’t have access to the control panel of their website so it can be difficult or it can’t be transferred.

They don’t have the information of who set up the domain to contact so it can be transferred.

How do you avoid this?

By registering your own domain with your ABN, email and contact information through your chosen host provider. If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me

Why Should You Hire Me?

One of the benefits of using a local website designer is, you can ask other local business about their experience with that designer. There are lots of Web Designers/Developers out there and they can all navigate through a pre-made template and put a page up with your information on it. Do your research first get quotes on the costs involved. The things you need to know are what your paying for, are their hidden costs involved? and do you have full access to your site on completion.

If you do decide to use me as your local website designer I will advise you in advance of any additional costs that may be required to achieve your website needs. On the rare occasions there is a need to use these additional components for your website to operate securely or manage special needs. These may be minor additions such as, document storage from external resources requiring a payment plan with links to your site and will be an added expense to building your website. Most importantly I give you full access to your site, I will also provide you with training so you can make your own small changes to your website.

Key points to consider and know before starting

  • Things to consider is the costs of plugins to run your site.
  • Are the security settings and plugins included in the price or are they additional costs.
  • The costs if you need to change something at a later date.
  • Do you have full access to your site?

Success Stories

Debbie has created a great site for our accommodation rentals and I love how she used the colour of our logo throughout the site. She is currently teaching us how to enter new properties as we expand our business. Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending her to any prospective business due to her professional results and ethics.

Aaron Heiler

Owner of Jervis Bay Properties and lifestyles, and Jervis Bay Accommodation Centre

Debbra designed our site and currently maintains it, to advise our members and interested persons of our up coming events. We have increased our membership and received more interest and or inquiries since the site has been updated. Not to mention was extremely helpful in advising how to get the best, visibility on Google search. As a result of her designing skills we are now placed at the top of the first page.

John Kochaniwicz / Linda Edwards

President / Vice President, Shoalhaven Rock n Roll Club

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Business Owner, Kanpai

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Business Owner, Kanpai

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Tori McNair

, Seaside Design

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No Better Time Like The Present , To Start Building Your Web Presence

No Better Time Like The Present , To Start Building Your Web Presence